Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Eight-Jamestown, North Dakota

We slept until about noon, but it only felt like 11 because of the time change. Since we were staying at the Gladstone Inn for two nights, we didn't have to drive today! Yay. So we just hung out in our room all day. We watched a couple episodes of Wife Swap... those people are insane. Anyway, we went to Jamestown High School to set up around 4:30. The building was really nice, and so was the theatre. It had a really nice setup that we had fun with. The show went really well! They said we had about 350 people in the audience. There were a couple kids after the show that were so shy and too scared to talk to us! It was so cute. After the show, we went back to the grocery store Hugo's to get some dinner. After eating, we watched a couple movies that were on TV: "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Then we were off to bed! We all had some trouble sleeping though. :(

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day Seven: Bismarck and Jamestown, North Dakota

We drove from Spearfish, South Dakota, to Bismarck North Dakota. It was a 5 hour drive, but we had to count it as 6 because of the time change. When we got there we went to Subway and got food. Then we headed to SIMLE Middle School where we would be performing. We got set up very quickly so we had a ton of time left. Grace and I went to get our books that we had to read for school. Bronny had a hard time making herself do her reading about the Greeks, but Grace was allowed to punch her if she ever so dared to glance at her phone. After a while of doing our thing, we met Austin and Sheldon. They were the cutest little boys and they both wore glasses. Bronny and I got ready in the bathroom again. It was show time before we knew it! The show was good. The palace scene was cute because Austin and another boy came up on stage after we had everyone up there. They wanted to be a part of the palace too, so Grace declared them the rugs. J After signing autographs, and taking the set down we were off for another hour and ten minute drive to Jamestown, North Dakota. We would be staying at a hotel there for 2 nights. We wouldn’t have to pack all of our things right away so it’s nice. When we got to Jamestown we checked in, and had to take our suitcases up 2 staircases since there weren’t any elevators L Mrs. Wooley’s key didn’t work, and we all thought we could hear noises in her room. We went back to the front desk so she could get a new room and key. After getting situated, we headed to Hugo’s supermarket to get dinner for the night, breakfast, and lunch for tomorrow. Grace was very excited to see that there was an entire section of the market dedicated to only gluten free foods. We pretty much went our separate ways getting different things. I got 3 boxes of bagel bites because they’re so delicious! After the market, we went back to the hotel to eat. I was trying to find something on T.V to watch and to our surprise, Dance Moms was on! We watched it, and then Dance Moms Reunion was on. I ended up falling asleep because I was really tired due to not having a good sleep schedule. Grace fell asleep next, and then of course Bronny was last. LOL but it was a good day. Thumbs up to life. J
Signing off, Abbie P.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day Six--On the Road with a Layover in Spearfish, S.D.l

Oh boy. Where do I even start?! Today was crazy! We got up around 9:30 and ate breakfast (well, Abbie and I did Bronny was sleeping), we worked on homework for a bit, Abbie and I got into one of our crazy fights, and we started to pack up the van. As we were sitting in the van waiting for Mrs. Wooley a strange man opened the passenger door and plopped down in the seat. We didn’t really know what to do, but we had a very nice conversation. He was a very nice man for being so strange. Bronny made him a peanut butter sandwich with her sandwich making supplies she brought along and he went on his way. We were finally on the road! We stopped to get gas, and as we were leaving town we looked behind us to see a deer sprinting after the van. We had to slow down to merge onto the highway so the deer caught up with us and stared at us through the window. While that was a little odd, we continued on our way; needless to say we outran the deer. The rest of the car ride was rather uneventful. We pulled up to our hotel, found out that you have to lift the handles to open the doors and dove into our homework. Well, we at least started on our homework. After a little while we got bored. We decided to go down to the pool. Well, Bronny and I did. Abbie had a more creative idea up her sleeve. The pool is in an open area in the middle of the first floor. The balcony of the hallway that our room is in overlooks the pool; I know what you’re thinking “there’s no way Abbie would do what I think she’s going to do.” She did. Bronny and I went down to make sure the pool was directly under the balcony and then dare devil Abbie jumped. She didn’t even make that big of a splash! Swimming didn’t last long because some old people wanted to swim some laps so we left. After swimming we came back up to our room and Bronny decided to take a quick shower to get the chlorine out of her hair. Abbie and I are just chillin’ in the other room watching TV when all of a sudden we hear a blood curdling scream. Bronny comes running out of the bathroom in a towel and I got to see what was wrong. There was a snake. In the tub. From the drain. WOW. We called down to the front desk and they sent someone to rescue us from the snake. Finally it was about time for dinner; we headed over to Pizza Ranch to enjoy a nice lovely evening together, and now we’re back and I’m writing this blog.
HA! Just kidding. Today was incredibly uneventful. The only parts of that story that are true are—1.) Abbie and I fought this morning. 2.)You really do have to lift the door handle up. 3.) We started on our homework. And 4.) We went to Pizza Ranch for dinner. The rest of the day was kind of a blur. Homework, eat, drive, eat, drive, homework, eat, homework. Speaking of eating, I would like to inform everybody that today I ate an entire package of rice cakes, an entire jar of applesauce, and an entire pepperoni pizza all by myself. Be proud mom! We did get a pretty good start on all of our homework which is a good thing but we’ve still got quite a lot to finish.  
Well, that’s all for today. I wish the first half was more true than it was false. And the second half was less true than the first half was false. I think our day would have been significantly more exciting that way.
Until next time, 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Five Gillette, Wyoming

After leaving our hotel in Casper at about 1:00, we drove the 2 hours to Gillette, WY. We checked into our hotel and relaxed for a while before checking into the CAM-PLEX at around 5:00. When we pulled up, we noticed on their sign that it said we were performing at 6:30... This was news to us! We thought the show was at 7:00. Luckily, we set up and rehearsed what we needed to in record time, and Adam (the guy sent to help us) opened a couple dressing rooms for us downstairs. They were really nice! 

The audience was smaller tonight than what we have been performing for. It was just under one hundred. However, there were lots of little little kids that were probably a bit too young to be there. They were kind of loud the entire show. Mrs. Wooley tried taping, but all you could hear was the audience. :(

After signing autographs and packing up, we headed to Wal-Mart. We all split up to find our own things: snacks, water, makeup, whatever it may be, and met back at the van in about half an hour. Then, we went to get Wendy's to take back to the hotel for dinner. After we ate, everyone was in bed by about 11:30...

Except me. I was up until about 2am... I knew this would happen sometime while we were gone... haha!

Signing off from the Lamb Caravan,


Day Four-Casper, Wyoming

Well, after our ‘little’ incident/adventure at 3:30 am we basically slept in later than usual causing us to miss breakfast. Grace and Bronny slept really well, while I on the other hand was not so lucky. As if being woken up at 3:30 wasn’t enough, we AGAIN got woken up by someone knocking on our door! I got up just as the cleaning man let himself in. I had to tell him that we were not checking out until noon. After that I got moody…Oh wait, that’s every day J BUT ANYWAY we took our sweet little time getting ready and gathered our things and loaded everything in the ‘ole Caravan. We stopped at the Petro store to get food and gas since we hadn’t eaten yet. I got 2 bags of skittles and a bag of jalapeƱo chips. Bronny got a weird looking pastry, veggie straws, and a mountain dew. Grace just got a box of Mike ‘n Ikes. We eat healthy ya know? We were off on the road again to Casper! It was about 3 hours, but it seemed to go by really fast. As usual Bronny watched Glee, and as usual I’m not surprised. I had some nice bonding time with my boyfriend (my iPod) LOL while Grace slept, and played on her iPad. Later we stopped at a really cool rest stop, but only Grace and Mrs. Wooley got out. We arrived at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in no time. Mrs. Wooley took the bottom floor while we girls got the top 4th floor. We took the elevator and it looked totally sketchy inside. It made weird noises and when the door opened on our floor we saw that it hadn’t completely stopped. It freaked us all out so then we decided to take the stairs next time. After getting everything in our room, we came up with a brilliant idea to take pictures of all the preparations connected with a fire. It was really fun! We are such funny people. Ahhhh. Soon it was time to take off for show time! We performed at the high school and a very nice sir helped us load/unload the van. We got our very own dressing room downstairs complete with Broadway looking lights! While we were downstairs chilling/waiting, a woman with her daughter came down to talk to us. And talk to us some more until we had to get ready. Even though the audience wasn’t as big tonight, the kids were still cute as buttons and loved us. We ate dinner at another Italian restaurant called Bonco’s. BUT it took forever to get there. The roads were so confusing, and it seemed darker than usual. Mrs. Wooley hit a couple curbs, but the Caravan is tough. We ended up finding the restaurant yay! It was very cute with colorful lights. It looked homey. I wasn’t even mad eating Italian 2 nights in a row. It’s just so good! Of course we laughed, and were sad because the waiter wasn’t Josh. After dinner we headed back to the hotel to do our thang. Twitter, Facebook, and shower. Today was good. Life is good. Okay. Oh, and I love mountains. Bye.  Abbie

PHOTOS from the Casper, Wyoming Show

Saturday, September 15, 2012

PSA--Casper, Wyoming

After our little fiasco in Laramie, upon arriving at the Parkway Plaza in Casper we decided to take a few precautions.
Fire Safety page in our guest book

1.) Locate 2 exits

                                                  2.) Locate fire alarm nearest your room

                                           3.) The room key is an important survival factor

4.) In case of fire, act quickly
5.) If the fire is not in your room, leave if you can
6.) Never use an elevator during a fire
7.) If the room door is hot do not open it
8.) Crawl low in smoke
After our little adventure last night (well, this morning) we took it upon ourselves to add a ninth rule. . . .
9.) If there is no fire DO NOT USE THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER.
It will create a chemical haze that everyone will THINK is a fire and cause a panic at the hotel.
This PSA has been brought to you by the Lamb Caravan. Thank you for your attention.